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    Searching the best mini gas tiller

    I would go with the Honda or the Mantis.
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    Audiologist VS Hearing Instrument Specialist?

    I have had both. The person that did the best job IMO was the hearing instrument specialist. If we are talking about who did a better job with hearing assessments then that would be the two Japanese trained audiologist I have seen; they didn't take any shortcuts in the testing and gave me a...
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    Painful hardshell mold

    Needs to be remade or modified. Rule #1 of earmolds: Earmolds should never be painful. If they did a digital image have them an impression mold and see if that is more comfortable. Good luck.
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    Is it possible to reverse hiatal hernia?

    Surgery will be the only fix. Sorry
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    Are you "embarrassed" by your hearing loss?

    Never have been, I'm even very open about it telling people that I wear hearing aids, so they will understand if I don't respond to something they say.
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    Flintstone House on the market

    Several local news stations asked the neighbors if they had a problem with the new "lawn ornaments" and not one had a problem with it. In California most cities have complaint driven code enforcement and Hillsborough is not different, so all it takes is one complaint.
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    Earmold question

    Tell your audi you want the impressions done the old way and see how it works. The silicone turning yellow might be from a contaminated injector shooting the silicone from a tip that was previously shooting colored silicone and wasn't cleaned properly or it could be bad(old) silicone. With you...
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    Your opinions??

    Instead of walking out the husband should of told his wife "we need to reschedule because I don't understand anything that is being said. To me it looks like the couple was counting on this, and when it happened it became an easy way to get some money out of the doctor, hospital or both.
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    Im 20 and i just been told im going deaf..

    Hopefully the doctor you saw was an ENT and not just your GP. Hearing aids might help, when I have my HA's in the tinnitus is gone.
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    Woke up not being able to hear 5 days ago

    I hope you immediately went to an ENT, if not go!
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    I cannot hear Fire alarms because of their high frequency.Can one get low frequency sound alerts?

    I've never seen LF alarms but one's with strobe lights are available.
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    any word on bone conduction

    If you have sensorineural hearing loss, a bone conduction HA like a BAHA won't do you much good.
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    Earmold problems

    Have you cleaned them lately? Have you put on or lost weight? 5 lbs on or off can affect your earmolds.
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    Addiction is not a funy at all

    You're one of the one's who got better! With deafness most go through the five stages of grief, but most eventually get to acceptance. Depression like addiction is a disease. Some go into remission and they get better, some relapse and some don't make it.