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    To these people who dont believe Global Warming..

    Its like saying, I can do all kind of harmful things to my body, its the body gets to decide when to die, not us. Sure if thats what you command for yourself, what you sought will be what you will get. Besides that accepting the climate cycles of earth doesn't dismiss the whole subject. I...
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    To these people who dont believe Global Warming..

    I believe the truth will appear somewhere in between. Saying human responsible only 2 percent of natural changes, is actually saying that is a statistical error and human has no responsibility in it. On the other hand it is also true that with or without human , earth witnesses different climate...
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    To these people who dont believe Global Warming..

    How about if we say "Humans contribute global warming" ? Would you find it more accurate? -
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    Joe the Plumber Open to 2010 Run

    Its not the matter of winning or losing. Whats great is even Joe the plumber can get up and run for congress. It should inspire some people. -
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    Just wanted to say....

    :wave: Enjoy it there Have Fun Hermes -
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    Deaf people ate fool if they vote for...

    Have you ever heard this: "A great power comes with a great responsibility" ? If you gain the abilities of human mind but still use that mind for thinking you are put top of the food chain and make it as an excuse to feed the primitive desires, then you would prove humans existence as a mistake...
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    A person can change herself, but you can not change masses. Now look at it and you will see nobody wants to change himself. Everybody talks about changing countries, changing "other side", changing their neighbor. Everybody wants next person to change , but nobody really looks at himself. So...
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    To these people who dont believe Global Warming..

    We actually are not doing anything to earth itself. All the talk about "destroying the earth" actually means destroying the habitable conditions that suitable for human. The fact that we are producing output that is dangerous for human life is undeniable, regardless of the causes of global...
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    To these people who dont believe Global Warming..

    Actually sun is not moving closer as in changing location. As time passes sun expands. In 4 billion years all inner planets will be swallowed by the sun. So the sun is not changing its location towards the earth, but it's diameter is getting bigger. Getting really affected by it will take...
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    Love one other, then there will be no need to another step. But one needs to love oneself before being able to love another. In the absence of love (which is very different than what man claims to feel for a woman) everything will become a problem. In the presence of love this question will be...
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    10 year top that will cure deaf to be hearing

    They will find a solution to everything as long as they see it as a problem. This is what human has been doing for last ten thousand and more years. It is not the ability but time is in question. Given enough time every question that has an answer in the physical world will be answered. This...
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    To these people who dont believe Global Warming..

    Whatever is the cause, its happening out there. You dont need to be scientist to see its effects. Everybody witnesses climate changes in their local area. -
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    I am moving out!

    Good Luck, I hope its gonna be a start of a new adventure.. Love Hermes -
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    Two Galaxies to Collide!

    Its true, its like being in a time tunnel, watching the history, seeing what happened to those galaxies 12 billion years ago :) -
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    I Love ya!

    I know Bebo, but he is a musician and I had to state which website I got it from as the source. His words are beautiful as they are, his profession is irrelevant. Love Hermes