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    PayPal: Trying to activate my "My IP Relay" phone #

    maybe ip relay rob your bank ;x
  2. hacker


    by the way i know who ;x
  3. hacker


    Alex didnt banned me must be MOD. Idk who did.
  4. hacker


    Most time Im busy with computer greek thing.. Jez Alex, IM ME i havent got ur start work on exploit/bugs :fingersx:
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    well, I have tons aim names.
  6. hacker


    I remember you <3 nice you like canada maple? Well I have AIM Screenname is "Maple" oh yeah it up for sale offer me if you wish. If you don't believe me all i can proof. :afro:
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    ;[ I alway become bad boy.
  8. hacker

    Java, C++, OpenGL

    it so easy. :afro:
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    ;] im here ad again.
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    The Frist Deaf hacker Owner AIM Screen name is "TTY"

    rofl, I just Exploited aol/aim since today got patched at 3:45pm im me my sn is "tty"
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    resize photos

    lol they talkin about "size" :lol: that my aim screen name; size :roll:
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    I need help to office 2003

    lmao me?? I help you and, u got work tho. :sure:
  13. hacker

    I need help to office 2003

    lame that easy, IM ME: size
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    new AIM chatroom

    there chatroom isnt good, because same one r spam a bots and owner op, they keep banned. it boring 4ever.. I was made ad's chatroom connect server. I showed to alex. I am sure he didnt remember about it.
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    Unknown Error from AIM

    The AIm's Format, Email Update and Other is no loger work, because of server are down the AOL people are working on newer. Almos, can go update your email and I use my own aim program called "aim snformat" that make format one time to nornal sn. if want help., you can aim me...