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I was born in Europe. I gradually lost part of my hearing in the past few years. I can still hear with hearing aids. Without them I struggle especially in social situations. I am mad as hell at the way some people have reacted toward me and very disappointed at the lack of resources. I am shocked that being hard of hearing is treated like a choice. I have one son who is 2 1/2 years old and I work as a psychotherapist
Hi I'm a hearing girl looking for friends from the deaf community. I'm so interested in learning the language.
Hello, I am new to the site but i am a student learning ASL, I currently live in VA. Hit me up if u would like.
Received a NY cellphone ticket for being on cellphone but I was touching hearing aids on my ears.Had feedback and was not using phone.Sent in for phone records.Could be 5 points on drivers record.
Offered twice for officer to look at my phone.She refused ,just claimed she had been doing this for a long time and she knew what she saw.Well she was WRONG.Any advice to help me.
Randomly saw this. I'm not from NY but whenever I get a ticket, I *always* make a point to show up at court to "contest" it. Most of the time the DA will just simply negotiate a lower charge than what you would have had if you paid the ticket. The cost of going through a legal fight can be inconvenient for them. Some DAs are also really understanding, so if you explain your situation, they may waive charges.