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Hi I'm a hearing girl looking for friends from the deaf community. I'm so interested in learning the language.
Hello, I am new to the site but i am a student learning ASL, I currently live in VA. Hit me up if u would like.
Received a NY cellphone ticket for being on cellphone but I was touching hearing aids on my ears.Had feedback and was not using phone.Sent in for phone records.Could be 5 points on drivers record.
Offered twice for officer to look at my phone.She refused ,just claimed she had been doing this for a long time and she knew what she saw.Well she was WRONG.Any advice to help me.
Randomly saw this. I'm not from NY but whenever I get a ticket, I *always* make a point to show up at court to "contest" it. Most of the time the DA will just simply negotiate a lower charge than what you would have had if you paid the ticket. The cost of going through a legal fight can be inconvenient for them. Some DAs are also really understanding, so if you explain your situation, they may waive charges.
Hi my name is Jennifer I'm hard of hearing I just moved to Charlotte NC from New York, I'm looking for meeting new people out here deaf community