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Greetings, did I tell you about indoor outdoor under miscellaneous on the home page, scroll down to see there any gardeners in the house, it's from last year maybe you can revive it:thumb:
Hello! Any interest in chatting?
Old Analog
Old Analog
Greetings ambuzz, I have to go to town to get Wi-Fi to chat weekends best weather permitting Don t drive anymore have a profile on introduce yourself somewhere, here in NW Ark, not to far from K.C. go Cheafes, Sept. we have a deaf event maybe you like to come, I'll post it under events later:bye:
We categories all kind of job here like bank job in Nepal, high paying job and many more which is located in Anamnagar Chowk, Kathmandu
Do you know where I can purchase ASL Driver's Education DVD system. I teach Driver's Ed at Rochester School for the Deaf. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Scott