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  • Rio
    Thinking about Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert coming up in November.
  • Alex
    Alex replied to the thread Help plz.
    Hi Ashley, Sorry to hear about your daughter's headaches. Does she wear hearing aids?
  • Barbaro
    Thinking about what I just finished watching Netflix Limited Series- Unbelievable. It was based on a true story. It made me so angry and...
  • Z
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    I would not like that! It is soooo much easier to just reach up to a behind the ear aid rather than dig a phone out of my purse.
  • Old Analog
    Greetings my 15 years of trying to be a hermit wasn't very successful, when my geen turned on that took away my ability to comprehend...
  • Old Analog
    Old Analog replied to the thread New.
    Greetings from old analog, ha Val looking around sight trying to find your story got bits and pieces, so your 20 something ben deaf for...
  • M
    Mybbygirl posted the thread Help plz in General Chat.
    Hello my name is ashley i am a mother of an 8 year old that has severe hearing loss we found out when she was 5! She has been having...
  • Old Analog
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    Greetings from old analog, same, 61, welcome aboard, it takes a life time then some, I not great with this form but trying to learn...
  • Valorrian
    You have been through a lot. I hope you are able to get out. How do you spend your days? I’m getting out more and more. I still have a...
  • Bergyn
    Bergyn replied to the thread Making friends & practicing ASL.
    Hey Tiffany! I'm learning and need a learning buddy too!
  • AlleyCat
    AlleyCat replied to the thread Check ups.
    It’s called modern technology. But I get your point. I do. I had to adjust at first, too. By now I am used to it, so I don’t mind it. I...
  • iGotHoney
    I am 19 and currently going to college to become an elementary school teacher but earning my certificate in sign language so I can teach...
  • Kenne
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    hoh in Ga. few resources here other than church ppl.
  • Kenne
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    hello my name is ken Im new here too. im profoundly hoh 73yr old.
  • Kenne
    Kenne posted the thread new in Introduce Yourself.
    hi im ken I'm 73 and profoundly hoh I know a little sign (ASL) and want to learn more. I have no one to talk to that is deaf or hoh. I...