ZVRS Good or Bad?


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I tried applying for OneVP. My application was declined by ZVRS manager because I didn't want to port my Sorenson number. That's kinda shocking to me. The ZVRS manager was also very rude and judgy. When I said that I didn't want to port my number, a manager jumped to conclusions and went aggressive on me. They said that it's because I want to keep using Sorenson and that porting Sorenson number is only my option here. I hanged up on them being dumbfounded by their aggressive and rude attitude.

Here's my context about why I didn't want to port my number. There are too many spam and weird calls on my Sorenson number. Blocking numbers doesn't even work. There are always new ones. I wasn't given a chance to explain since a manager rudely interrupts me.

Makes me think that if they decline people without Sorenson in first place. I asked and they confirmed that they do decline some people that doesn't even have access to Sorenson or any provider. That's when I decide that it's not worth porting my number or explaining my reason for not porting. I lost faith in ZVRS.

It's a shame since ZVRS really do have some decent products. I was genuinely switching to ZVRS from Sorenson in first place. If I was given a chance without porting my number, I wouldn't still do it even for free products they offer such as iPad and things. I suppose that I will ask Sorenson to change my number and pray that I won't be harassed by these spam calls.

Do I recommend ZVRS for incredible experience and benefits? Yes if you don't mind porting your Sorenson number but don't forget to read terms and conditions. Trust me. If you want a chance to get ZVRS' products but not wanting to port your number? Don't tell them that you have any VP.

So what do you think of ZVRS? Share your good and bad experiences with ZVRS here.