Yule tidings and happy Christmas.


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It’s the winter solstice today. The shortest day of the year. I celebrated it by going out for a meal at Joyti’s and eating too much. Still I can lose any weight I gain after Christmas.

What do you think of Christmas anyway? I’m in two minds. I like vegan mince pies and the bright colours around this time of the year but it also means that the things I like to do get closed down until January. Also Christmas is a time when lots of birds get killed for Christmas dinner and their is a lot of waste around this time of the year.

I hope you enjoy (or at least endure) your Christmas.


Not a huge fan of the season. I don't care for the forced gatherings with people who I don't really care to hang out with, nor the crowds and general disruption of everything. It was perhaps fun when I was little, and again when my kids were little, but as of now...bah humbug.

Just a little Holiday Cheer for y'all.