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I personally know a doctor who goes to India at his own expense every year for a few weeks to donate his medical services.

You'd be surprised how many wealthy people risk their well being for good causes. They just don't publicize it.
I have heard of a story of doctors doing free services in poor country....... as part of medical experiments that would never be authorized in America. :dunno: not to say that the doctor you know is doing such unethical thing. but just saying...

I don't know for sure but don't "Doctors Without Borders" spend months to years in poor countries? not a few weeks.

The wealthy clients paid voluntarily for their services. If they don't like the price or the doctor they can choose to go elsewhere. Some surgeons use that money for themselves, some use it for other people or causes. It's their choice.
indeed.... that's true..... but wealthy people wouldn't care about the price anyway. It's just slightly different in a way -

1. Surgeons charge HIGH on wealthy people to use some of that money to help the poor.
2. Surgeons use his own honest honey to help the poor.

Either way - I support such things doctors do whatever they can to help the poor.


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I don't know why you can't believe that wealthy people can also be caring and generous people.

There are plenty of "non-wealthy" greedy people around, too.

No, it's not socialism. People who donate (key word--DONATE) their services do it because they want to, not because the government forces them to do it.
But I doubt seriously that he is also spending time complaining about the high cost of his education as a justification for charging an exhorbitant fee. He is one of the noble who sees his good fortune as an opportunity to do good for others who are less fortunate. That was my point.

Your example would be of a patient centered practitioner, not a business centered practitioner. Wish he was the norm instead of the exception.
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