You know it is Easter time when...


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no not the cream ones..i don't really like those either i find that there is too much cream in i mean cadbury mini eggs they are solid chocolate with a candy coating kinda like m and m's but sooooo much better! they are soooooo good!

Mom always called those chocolate robin eggs.


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well the eggs upi prolly havent had lol it's a UK thing so we have it too since we are linked to England in a way...when i lived in the states cadbury wasn't sold there ...
We've had Cadbury eggs here in the USA for as long as I can remember, or longer.


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Wanna bet the Easter bunny gonna lay some peep eggs? HEHEH!!!!! I bet Mrs B would say lawdy lawdy (correct me if I am mistaken on that please, Mrs B!! HHAHAHA!!)


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ewwwwwwwwww i hate peeps...i'd rather have cadbury mini eggs:) yall dont have them in the states but they are damnnnnnnn good!
Havent tried peeps but love those cadbury mini egg and Creme Eggs. They are a die for kind of treats. Here we have plenty of those yummy cadbury eggs.