Wrong Game Movie


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Without spoiling the whole movie, Can you give us some insights on this?

"Wrong Game" will be showing here on March 20th and 21st at 7pm. I am looking forward to see the movie and I'm curious to see how it turns out. It should be interesting.

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Hey EagleCherokee63

Wrong Game is coming to Michigan on April 18th ....me and my fiance are goingggggg WooooHoooo!!! I heard it's good, my finace's friend Norman Weiss
is in the movie, my fiance grew up with him in California school....

Last Saturday, My husband and I went to movie name is Wrong Game. It very good one! Whoa! How I can't image!


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It happens in St Louis (last Saturday night)... the very same night....some attended to FVCC for deaf theatre production "Barefoot at the park". It was pretty funny.


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this movie got me excite in begin until at ending, I find is so disappointment.

However, the mask make is great advantage for deaf. Since deaf don't use to move lip along with mask to make reality. That sure save their dime.


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I am exciting that will come in where I live. I wouldn't wait and been look good movie so far... Expect the one man.. who is MAD about the ASL Film making that movie... The man want the money from Sprint funds not to ASL Film. I don't know if you guy heard that story. I think it is silly to see people or example of that man is mad about Sprint fund grant to ASL Film. Same thing with HOVRS grant the film another product. Again, same man got madder too...


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Wrong Game

I can't wait go to see it this friday in charlottesville, virginia

I like to know your reviews if you have seen it.. How was it? Good or So-so?


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I've heard of it but I haven't seen it. I was suppose to go watch it a month ago but a Tornado had hit the area where we were suppose to go watch.


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Hmm...there's sooooo many games that will be played this Friday, *any Friday-- ;) * all over the globe. Therefore, bearing that in mind, might be helpful if you could direct AD'ers to the game you have in mind and anxiously awaiting to watch...then again, could very well be a game that already has been played--whichever it is, it's making me umm... :dizzy: :)lol: , j/k-- ;) )

Sooo...which game were you referring to?



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I watched "Wrong Game" earlier tonight and I give this movie a thumbs up! However, the movie needed some improvements or modification in my opinion. It was kind of hard to read the messages on the paper. There was also a person who wore blue gloves. It was kinda hard to read the sign especially when it had a bright background.

It is a psychological thriller. Basically, It's all about what goes around comes back to you. It was interesting, that is for sure.