Writing a Deaf Character


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First of all, I hope this is posted in the right forum :)
Thank you for taking the time to read.
I'm a hearing author, in my latest work in progress one of the main characters is Deaf. She's a young woman who's congenitally Deaf, married to a hearing man (who signs). And while the story is about the journey they're on together, her deafness is a part of her identity and I want to be responsible in how that is represented.
It would be great if you guys could give me some advice in making her as authentic as possible.
How do you think sign language should be represented in text? Italics? Quotation marks? Both? Are there times when you think a hand shape/movement should be described instead of just translated?
How would the she's Deaf/he's hearing come up in their day to day life? They don't have a problem communicating with each other since both use ASL.
I see in media when they represent a d/Deaf person, that character is completely deaf (wouldn't hear a gunshot), but I've been at a gathering of d/Deaf people and most of them heard a car backfire. I'm not saying it makes a person more or less Deaf, its just I hate the assumption that d/Deaf means no hearing level. I'm not sure how to represent this in the story without getting to bogged down by it.
I'd really appreciate some advice, feedback, suggestions... I don't want to pressure anyone if they're uncomfortable. But if you are comfortable, I'd love as much information you can give me on how to be as accurate as possible to your Culture, Language and Community.
Many thanks,