wondering if i can get a hand


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feeling a bit like that seinfeld episode where the lip reader is used to translate what is being said from across the room at a party.

let me at least offer some backstory..

i watched a movie a while ago that i found pretty intriguing called "dark song" and recently got it on dvd so really dissected it.

at the end there is a great creature summoned (a "guardian angel" ) which can not be heard but the director does afford us at least some clearly depicted speech with an edit in the middle of the dialogue of objects around the room shaking to impose the impression of how great its voice is.

i know lip reading is mostly context so if its of help the preceeding text is a woman (of whom the angel guards) just had a great trial and ordeal trying to summon the angel and suffered greatly doing so.

she went to these lengths because she lost her child to kidnappers years ago and the occult procedures she enlisted have to do with him.

right before the speech she verbally expresses her awe at the sight of the angel ("so beutiful")

then after the angel says their bit she apologizes and makes a request.

its a great movie i recommend it if you get a chance to catch it.

i recorded and converted the vid to an animated gif linked accordingly.

would appreciate greatly if anyone had an idea of whats said.

thanks in advance.


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Interesting, no one jumping in, I getting some sounds p or b a v and a w I'm thinking it's not English, it's probably a chant, most likely something you probably don't want to hear or say:2c:


:dunno: not very clear for me to pick it up. Seems like might be whispering something. If there is no captioning or subtitles then maybe you could look up the movie's script that might give you a clue. Type in the movie title and the script or screenplay and you might get some details.

Lol I seen that seinfeld with Marlee Matlin many times. There are times where I felt like I knew what someone was saying but of course I cannot be 100 % sure and probably got it all wrong. So captioning is must for me.

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yahg wha f isha? yang su fine, there is something else I'm missing, reminds me of an ancient power chant or spell:nana:

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Back in the 70's I took a course can't remember now think there were 42 sounds, they don't all show on face where there is a pause could be sound not show in, context very important, have not the ability to stop fram, not knowing before or after, that's the best I can do, any luck on the script? Let someone interpreter right and put me to shame :rolleyes: