Will Need Help Writing a Deaf Character

Helpful Hubbie Al

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I'm a writer, and I plan to have a deaf character in my next book. I'm hoping I can get some advice from you guys concerning the deaf community, her interactions with others, etc.

My current concept for this character: She's a thirty-eight year old twin,of the main character. The MC is a lawyer (male). She became totally deaf during infancy, and she and her twin are good communicators--both know ASL and she is a good lip reader.

She's accused of murdering her husband, and her deafness will play a role in why/how he was murdered, or how she reacts to it. Her husband was not deaf (perhaps a source of friction was that he didn't try hard enough to learn sign language??).

Any comments or ideas? And please correct my use of wrong or insensitive terms.

Many thanks!

Here's the current casting (I'm sure you can guess who the deaf character is):