Who Quoted Me?


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As a member, you can now see who quoted you. This only works if a member has quoted a post of yours, otherwise the mod won't pick it up.

To find out, simply click on the 'Who Quoted Me' link on top-right, or click here: http://www.alldeaf.com/whoquotedme.php

Please let me know if you encounter any error messages or bugs.

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I see where you quoted me. Glad we solved that early so everyone doesn't post "it's not working for me".

Alex, maybe edit your OP to state only quotes going forward from the time you installed the new feature will show.


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Sticked for other members who may have missed it for now.

If the staff deletes a quoted post, it will still show up in your quotes section but you won't be able to see it.


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Try not break your quote brackets or else it won't show up. If you hit backspace or bold in the wrong area, it will break it
like these examples:

Also, you won't see quotes if the post was edited to add your post. Example:
Member A said:
unedited post by Member B said:
Edited post by Member B said:
Member A said:


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what it mean when it sticky i dont understand...i seen this written on other forums
When a thread has been posted in it appears at the top of the thread list ... if a thread is sticky it will stay at the top of the list no matter if its been posted in or not. Go into the "General Chat" category and look at the thread list it will say "Sticky:" on threads that are on top of other threads before anything else.