When you were a kid....


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On my second to last day working on the railway, I got to ride in the cab of one of these for the morning. It was a nice going away present (especially since the following day, my last, we had a pretty serious disaster with a viaduct collapsing!)
Nice going away present, that is. That's the kind of memory you should definitely cherish.


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I wanted to be a cop/firefighter, made it on the list for both but never came to fruitation... ended up being a Civil Employee for the government working my way up the corporate chain for almost 20 years. I was a very good artist in school but that never got me anywhere, as I still do art off and on for fun. Played in a few bands, but those never got too far as a few bars and basements.


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I wanted to be an author, a vet, or a nurse... I am a childcare worker hoping to change careers but no idea what to