What's Your Dinner Tonight -- Part II

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Funny story behind this.... One day my wife texted me and asked what I was bringing her for lunch, being the jokester I am, I texted Shy Knees. She couldn't put it together for the life of her and kept repeating it to her co-workers who got the biggest kick out of it. So, to this day I still do it.
No kidding! Back when I first had my CI, we brought some pizzas for an all nighter with coworkers. One said to me (According to my CI ) “Brought the one wit chaze in da crotch widgy edgy?

Umm, what?!?! :lol:

Translated to “Brought the one with cheese in the crust with you, didn’t you?”
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That’s what my mom had every Wednesday for years. My widowed uncle came over on that night each week.
Nice! It’s easier to invite family and or friends over for pasta dinner. Price is right. I grew up with pasta and meatballs every Sunday for linner (lunch and dinner in between). I’m raising my family with this tradition every Wednesday instead. :)


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Ribs with Baked beans . Super good ! Got some pico de Gallo ( fresh salsa) added crab meat and avocado, so delicious! I am so full !

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