What's your dessert today?


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Blech. I don't like cupcakes, I hate frosting, unless it's the whipped cream kind, regular frosting is too sweet. AND red velvet cake is just dreadful.

I've had a couple small hand fulls of dark chocolate chips though :D mmmmmm
yep. I don't eat much sweets cuz it's either too sweet or just plain dang awful. my friend's mom's homemade desserts are the best one I've ever had... the sweet is exactly just right and it's 100% organic, GMO-free, etc.


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Yummy! Yeah then you can add anything you want. My dad made homemade ice cream and put booze in it. You have an old fashion one or a new model ?
Oh, very new. It's Cuisinart. Basically you just throw the ingredients in and turn it on.


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I refuse to buy cupcakes from such place. It's one of the reasons why people become obese. :ugh:
Yes, the bakery goods from Walmart is filled with GMO, HFCS and MSG. They were made from warehouse with machine and bakers only stock most prepackaging goods.

The bakers only make donuts and glaze them, also they make cake too, that all.

Go to Mississippi for vacation and shopping at Walmart. Your weight will increase by 10 pounds. That's crazy.