What's the temperature in your town?


bloody phreak from hell
93 today and I had to walk home from school with a heavy back pack :/
Aww... poor thing. ;)

I remember carrying a huge bag all over when I was in junior high. I carried all of my books to all of my classes. Thought, "Better safe than sorry." Well, turns out I was more sorry than I felt safe. So, I stopped doing it when I entered high school. :)

By the time I was in college, I had a system of how I carried my books. :thumb:


bloody phreak from hell
Lately, it's been getting cooler. I think it finally started getting cooler on Saturday morning (few days ago).

I have a 55-oz travel mug I got from 7-Eleven. I use it for discount refills when I go to Quik Trip. I fill it up with ice completely and nothing else. I'll leave it in my car while working my rounds. When it gets hot enough, it's also when I start to get thirsty. That's when the ice has already started to melt. So, I get my needed water throughout the day. :)

Anyways, before last week... it was so hot that the water would start forming by 9 am. This week, water doesn't start forming until after 10 am.


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Too bad my mower is in the shop. Hope I have a high enough setting on it to mow the ever growing grass when I get it back. Good news is that I don't think it's going to cost a lot to get fixed (they're waiting on a part) since they didn't call before ordering the part(s) which they said they would if the cost was going to be high.