What's the temperature in your town?


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Today it was 105 in my town. It's barely cooling down. It's 91 outside right now and it's night time :/ What's the temperature where you're at?


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San Francisco, tomorrow will be 66 degrees in the afternoon, I can't wait to surf at 55 degrees tomorrow early am with 54°F temperature of water. :D


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Today was 95 ish, But tomorrow, it will be 103..... WHY ON MY BIRTHDAY? Ima be sweaty and messing my hair up. But yeah wow, 105 is pretty high. Hope it cools down a lot more for ya.


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8°C here...cold, but could be worse...its probably 6 outside my house, as I'm in a colder part of town (and hottest in summer though)


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Not bad here today. Currently 80, 65% humidity, high of 90 expected. Been getting scattered storms in the evenings. Light fog in the morning.


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66 here and heading for a high of 75 but that is so much better.

Tuesday was a high in the mid 90's.


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You are all lucky! Especially the fog part. I love fog. I can't wait for Fall to be here already. Today was today wasn't too bad. I think it was about 99 degrees. I loved the little bit of breeze in between the heat. It was the only good thing about today.