What You Type Computer Speaks, What Someone Speaks Computer Types For You To Read

Discussion in 'Technology' started by aslteacher, Jul 20, 2007.

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    I made a small computer software with
    two text boxes and 1 asl fingerspelling hand.

    I don't know how to sell it or what to do
    with it. I'm not trying to sell to you I need
    you to help me test the program and discuss
    how we can get the software out there.

    It has 2 text boxes in it, 1 is where you type,
    and whenever you type GA after a sentence
    the computer speaks out loud what you just

    The other text box is where, if anyone is speaking
    into a microphone connected to your computer
    the speech is recognized and scrolled like CC on
    the second text box for you to read.

    Whatever letter you type in the first text box
    changes a small image of a hand to the ASL
    sign for that letter of the alphabet.

    My mom is deaf and she loved it, I'm working on
    making it so my program can work on her Sidekick 3

    Is there any itnerest in this? Can someone help me
    test it? If I were to sell this, how much should I

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    I've heard about this before but it's not like yours. The voice to text translator machine was developed at RIT back in 1984 or 1985. The article say that when he spoke to microphone, "Now we have a new disk camera" while on screen prints a text "Now we have a nudist camera" LOL. (Disk Camera was developed by Kodak in 1984. It's a very thin rectangular camera, I used to own one). Back in 1983, I also used to have a software (for Apple IIc computer) from friend that I can type text and it'll speak through speaker. I accidently deleted the diskette and he won't give me another copy! aw sheesh!!

    For your Voice to Text softwares, wonder about person's accents (nasal, southern drawl, or twangy) while speaking can cause typo or funny language appears on text. I know typing text to voice won't be a problem..

    As for software, Make sure you have Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. Why? Because suppose deaf people happen to be at workplace where there's no Windows platform, just Mac or Linux. One can run a program to communicate with deafie using different platforms. I a Linux user and would love to have it so don't leave thousands of Tux users in dark!

    For Tmobile Sidekick. you can try Sidekick's Hiptop Danger (one who made OS for SK) to create software under it's platform so any deaf or hearing users can download it from Download (Applications--Communication). Cost should be reasonable that one would download it without burning their wallet. IF you said small program, it may be around $2 to $4 which everyone don't mind paying for it. If they don't like it, they can delete it guilt free.. Also create software that works with Windows Mobile and Palm OS ect.. If you can.. This would be a neat way to spread out..

    About beta software you mentioned, where's the download that we could try it out.

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