What would you rather be doing right now??


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This thread was NOT meant to be a thread for political debates! So will people stop right now ! There is enough hate and anger going on already, can't people see this is just want Trump want to happen ,he trying to weaken our country by dividing people so he can it take control of us easier ! Just like Hitler did ! Damn people wake up before it
too late !
I don't see anyone debating here. Just someone expressing free speech. Oh well, I guess it did stop now :)


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I would rather watch new TV shows on my TV. I'm stuck watching on iPad mini. On demand only show one episode at a time. I wish they showed whole season.


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I would rather to have a vacation now... but will have to wait until next year.


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what "Mamma" says...and what Mamma does...are 2 different things, right?...You people better stop this before the thread gets locked up...LOL...and Trump's gonna make slaves outta' us!...wait a minute...what did I say?