What was the last movie you watched?


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me too,
Seen Prometheus, its OK...not the greatest but an amatuer filmmaker would in no way be able to make this...

speaking of which LOW-budget SCI-fi...there is one to see, made in Sweden in budget of less than $5mill...blow minding good..."Cargo"...see it, i was very impressed...
Hmm... I found the Wikipedia page about it. Sounds interesting.

Unfortunately, I don't see any listing for this title on DVD for rental.


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As sad this may sound, the last movie I watched was Finding Nemo 3D but my kids loved it AGAIN. - Mommy & Kids Movie

A month or so ago I watched Hunger Games - Daddy Movie, It was an ok movie.


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I thought Finding Nemo is overrated. I hate the idea of what they're doing to kids in Hunger Games. I don't understand why it's so popular. :confused:


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Angel1989 said:
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The Vow, and also The Lucky One.
I read the book "The Vow" and it was pretty good. How was the movie, is it worth watching?

I wanted to watch something fun and light hearted yesterday, so I watched "What to expect when your expecting" i thought it was pretty funny. The CC was kind of fast and I think if your hearing it might be a little more funny due to some noises pregnant women make. Hahahaha

I need a good movie for tonight??????????
The Vow is worth watching. Good drama, great acting.


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Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows.

I don't know what irked me more: Sherlock Holmes acting like a bafoon or the fact that he was having a bromance tantrum over Watson getting married.

And then, they "borrowed" scene sequencing from the PBS series Sherlock, how original.

The only thing that kept me interested was Noomi Rapace (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Swedish version), an incredible actress.
Love Sherlock Holmes, I thought the movie was quite funny. Loved this tantrums...that is just Sherlock for you. I do agree on the borrowed aspect of the new Sherlock BBC.


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I recently watched Detention. It was a seriously messed up fast-paced weird movie. I guess you could say it's FUBAR. :dizzy:


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Just watched Hotel Transylvania. Even though it's a kiddy movie, it managed to make me laugh with soda out of my nose.. XD