What kind of super-power would you want?


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I was thinking a couple days ago about a unigue topic, so here it is! If you had to choose a superpower, what would it be? Would it like the superman powers; Flight, Super-strength, Heat-vision, or would it be something completley different?

If I had to choose a superpower, if would definitley be the ability to fly. Its cheaper and maybe safer than driving a car, much more peaceful than taking public transit and is probably quite impressive to those down below!

It would sure make the trip to work all that more interesting....

Peachy Lady

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Hmmm I wud like to be able to twitch my nose...bing! I'm in other place where I want to be at in an instant! Just like in Bewitched. :thumb: That would be super change-of-location power.


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The superpower I want is...spiderman's superpowers. It would be fun swinging building to building in downtown, if I was brave enough. :D


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:giggle: I would like to have super powers in my fingers. So, when I snap my fingers, my whole house would be clean from top to bottom. ;)


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if i had superpower i would focus it on my hand so i can just use my hand to do all the works.. hehe.. or i would like to fly as well..


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Star Wars

I'd want to be like Obi One Kanobie (spelling???) in Star Wars. He could make people do what "HE" wanted by putting his will in other people's brains using the "force".

For people who saw the first Star Wars movie, you know what I'm talking about, correct? Before he goes to talk to Han Solo for the first time he uses it on some creature.


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I would love to be super-power simlair alike the X mutant.. (chuckles) whatever I like to fly..... or... telepath mixed storm mixed fly combo.. would be name for.. er um... Superhuman or sumth'n like that.. *scoff laughing* I like to live mortal longer and to see "EVERYTHING" what life alike in the future.

Would be live in the space somewhere and to seeing beautiful galaxies.


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I would like to have a superpower like The Charmed. I would be able to freeze RS61 that for sure. :rofl: And as for whitelighter to be able go from one place to another. :D


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Sure would be nice to have God's power. 100% control over everything ... but then again if u meant comic book superpowers I'd like Logan\Wolverine's healing factor :)


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I'd say... The Flash.

He may not be strong, but he's able to move faster than the speed of light as well as travel through time, tap the mystic power called the "Speed Force" (similar to Jedi's "Force"), share his speed with others, heal fast, memorize things quickly, unlimited memory, etc.

If I wanted to move from Rochester, NY to Dallas, TX... I could move everything quickly. Suppose I have about 2,000 things to move. Yes, I'm talking about 2,000 individual things. That would be one pencil, another pencil, a DVD, another DVD, a TV, a shirt, another shirt, etc...

If I were to start in Rochester and move everything to Dallas and then run back for the next item, I would have to run a total of 5,713,720 miles. This would only take me 30 seconds! Imagine that! I simply open my dorm room door in Rochester and the front door to my parent's house in Dallas... and let my running do the rest. In fact, I could probably waste 1/1000th of a second just to rearrange my room as I move things in there. After I'm done, I simply take my time to check out of my dorm room and I'm finished. I could run home anytime I wanted. I could run to other parts of the USA to visit friends and travel. I could do all of that. :)

In case you're wondering what the speed of light is, that is 299,792,458 meters per second. That is 186,282 miles per second. For an estimate, I could run 7 and a half times around Earth in one second. That's the speed of light!


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For me, a superpower would be to do what Samantha did in Bewitched. :) I can either snap my fingers or twitch my nose to get everything done or make things happen in a jifty! :) It can help me save time to do other things that I needed to do, or to help someone to avoid getting hurt. :)

Steel X

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I would like to be like Wolverine with reactable claws so that you can cut through ANYTHING and have the ablity to sniff anything more like a dog and even see things in the dark like a cat and dont even forget the healing factors, either!
Wolverine's tough, bold, and doesn't give a shit of what's getting in his way, as long as he doesn't whine about it. :P



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There are a few possibilities....

First, I'd pick the ability to switch my conciousness into another body, and simultaneously the other body's mind would reside in my body. A switching of the minds, if you will. Just think - you could be the ultimate undercover agent. You don't just impersonate people, you use their own bodies to do it.

And, it would also be cool to let my girl friend use my body for a little while - let her experience sound for a bit. And I'd gain a better understanding of what it's like to be deaf.

Second, I'd choose the ability to open holes in space. Exactly like Travelling, for those of you who've read the Wheel of Time series. Open a hole in space, walk through it, and be hundreds of miles away. Just think of the time and money you'd save on travel!

Lastly, the ability to slow down time. Slow it all to a mere creep relative to yourself. You could dodge bullets, save old ladies from on-coming break-impaired buses, and all sorts of coolness. Sorry, I just find the theoretical playing with Space-Time just too much fun.

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Teleporting/gating/apparating- whatever you want to call it. I want to travel from one place to another in an instant. I like gating version best though, because you can take others. Like Cal in Rob Thurmans Nightlife. 1) Free travel anywhere! No hassle! 2) adaptable to fighting techniques for epic skills. After that... Super learning/memory. Imagine knowing every language, how to use any weapon, picking up any skill permanently by learning it once or even watching it. Hmmm... Now I am not sure which I want more. :D