what it like to be deaf

well i am both deaf and hard of heairng and i love it i knwo sign language and everthing but sometimes it hard bc i am the only one in my family that deaf and the only on at chruch so i dont really have alot of frineds people dotn get me i mean it hard bc i cant hear all the time and i have to ask them to repeat and they just tell me not inportent or tell you later that bugs the crap out of me. well i dont know what to do any more i feel so along in this wrold and liek no one understand me any advice thanks


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Most often hearing people take the crap on the Deaf Culture and ASL. Only some hearing people care about our Deaf Culture like we have here on AD. They should show their feeling respect us Deafies that we have a hard time lipreading and trying to talk without having a funny voices. You just have to find a Deaf communities or Georgia Hearing Society for the Deaf so that you can be among many Deaf people. I sure hope you can sign with ASL which help you to understand other Deaf people.

If you have one ear deaf and another ear hard of hearing, then you are definitely Deaf which mean you can not hear without your hearing aid or CI. I am Deaf from birth and it mean no no no sounds at all or with the help of hearing aid or CI, you are able to hear some noise or sounds but not clearly. Hope that help you. :fingersx:


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I know exactly how you feel the only advice I can offer is for you to be with the Deaf Community more and try to educate your family and freinds. Do you use pen and paper?


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It always saddens me because I don't understand families that aren't able to support their hoh/deaf family member! :(

My little nephew has down syndrome and most of my family members help the parents wherever they can!

Anyway... I'm a hearie but I am sure you will make some new friends (if only online) here bc they are very welcoming! ;) So welcome to AD!



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Bott bites hard some days,,,:giggle:
Yeah, I don't cut people much slack sometimes. Slang infuriates me.

In my defense lots of deaf people are this way.

Matilda used to tell newcomers to spell and punctuate correctly and skip slang, but she is gone for now at least. She was much more tactful.

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