What is?


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"Hangout"....LOL...I received a message from someone, wanting to chat via Hangout....


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Google developed Hangout. If you use your google account, you will still use Hangout. it's like a messenger/ a video chat system.


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Was that you??? hehehe. I got a few of those before. Funny when they send pictures and when you search the picture, it's some European model. Some pictures also remind me of the old 900 number commercials that came on late night.


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You know few years ago that I mentioned about how to get a real proof that is it really him or her on online dating. I love collecting scammers, only anything that is online, like Hangouts, forums, online dating etc..... cuz I love to ask them to send me a pictures per my instructions, and telling her that I love your beautiful body just need more pictures etc. One point few years back on Skype (going to find that pictures to show you), I asked her to take a selfie pix holding "Spam" can. What she did was she, well she was more of "He" hold out her "his" arm with Spam can, not showing anything her....himself... get the gitz?? Just a photo his arm and Spam can.... The arm is more of male-ish look... you know? So I reply back, you know what... you are spamming yourself....F**ck You..... Love to waste his time.


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Scamming is very common through messengers. I remember in my old days, they told me they love me and I am beautiful. That's the first thing they ever said that to me and I was like who the hell are you. So I messed with them and in result, they got pissed off. lol.

Hubby receives annoying scam phone calls at his work almost daily. He recognized their accents and they're from India. Indian was saying, "Do you want to buy ****?" Hubby said "Sure, call me back in one hour." Indian ended the call and called back in one hour later. Hubby said, "This is not a good time. Call me back in two hours." Indian said ok I will. He ended the call. lol

I don't do hangout anymore. I have problem with Google for privacy reasons. I currently am making lots of changes to transferring everything, including photos to my new email account and Flickr from Google account. I even don't like Google email layout.