What is your favorite Disney movies?


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You can include animated and live action too.

You may use this link to find movies if you can't remember.

I like most of Disney movies, but Pinocchio is one of my most favorite animated movie and for live action, I like The Rookie.

Also, you could include Marvel, Lucasfilm (Star Wars) and Touchstone.

For Marvel, I like Captain America series and for Lucasfilm, it will be Star Wars.


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For The Love of Benji. I loved all the Benji films, The Love Bug and The Shaggy DA. Those were the days when there actually were family friendly television programs.



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I used to watch the " Escape from Witch Mountain" I believe it was, a tv series in the 70's about a couple kids.


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I remember

Mary Poppins
Honey I shrunk the Kids
Honey I blew up the kid
Hocus Pocus
Freaky Friday (2003)
102 Dalmatians
TV movies - Brink and Johnny Tsunami
Theatrical films - I've never cared much for Disney but I do love Shipwrecked aka Haakon Haakonsen. I remember renting this on VHS as a kid.