What is your favorite book?


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It sounds very stupped, but I like old books. Books that are almost hundered years old or more. I think I like most those four Jack Londons books, that I found fron secondhand store. I just saw that those books were old, but didn't know that those were first finnish editions. I feel a little proud of myself, that I have them :)
You are american, so I could make me like a fool, when I say that I recommend you to read Jack Londons books.
You won't make yourself a fool that's just the book you like. Do not worry.


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Bret the Hitman Hart bio book is my favorite..it's a great book..so many stories about other wrestlers. I was a big fan of wwf in the 80s.

I read only sports bio books.. it's been a while..gonna have to get a book in winter.. :hmm: maybe Kenny Stabler book. buy it on eBay,maybe. (most likely)


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My favorite and has been for 18 years is, "The Pillars of the Earth" by Ken Follett. Its an amazing book but you have to read about 100 pages in before everything really starts to happen, before that you are learning about so many different characters that are all integral to the plot.

I love Lisa Gardener's books (mystery) and books by Kay Hooper (only her thriller series, like Sense of Fear, Hiding in the Shadows.) And yes, I even like the Harry Potter series...lol

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Fiction covers a broad spectrum...fantasy, sci-fi, historical, romance, mystery, etc... But I love fantasy fiction. The Harry Potter series is my favorite. The first books are a little simple because they target 10-12 year olds, but I was addicted about book three. And I love the Nightlife series by Rob Thurman, though I have only read the first four.