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You shouldn't talk about yourself like that Mark it isn't nice!! :shock:
Me, a knucklehead? LMAO!! No, it's someone else, someone incapable of keeping his nose clean, and I had told him more than once to stay out of my business, and yet, he continues to meddle. That's why I have to be careful with certain information, like my text number, for example. He'll use it to get me involved in OTHER people's business, which I have no interest in doing, and I had to block him, but now I have a new (although temporary) text number on this device until I get a new phone this fall or winter, or more likely, next spring. Some features still work, but it's starting to fail, and well, I need a replacement before long.


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I know one person who is such a knucklehead, and well, he meddles where he shouldn't be meddling. That's why I don't tell him certain info, cause I know exactly what he would do.
oh my. how did you associate yourself with this person in the first place?