What has good mpg and large cargo space like scion xb?


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Hello, I've a 2005 Scion XB with 216K. As you may know, this kind of Scion has a good amount of cargo space for a small vehicle and good MPG. I'm starting to save up for a better vehicle. I want something for around $3K give or take. I want one that has similar MPG and a large cargo space like the Scion does. I won't mind saving for a newer Scion model. What else can you suggest for similar vehicle with good MPG and lot of cargo space?


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how many bikes do you stuff them in the cargo van? I can think of Ford Transit Connect or Nissan NV200. Scion is small cargo. Maybe you keep eye on the auto sale in internet for $3k> Hope you find a good cargo van like Transit Connect or NV200. Hope that help. DST