What did you learn today? Part II

I just got back from the weirdest experience. I was prospecting for gold. Working on an exposed quartz vein deep in the Alaska Range. Whoa Nelly the ground shook and i turned to run! My last memory was the slate gray orb with a round portal...

Back on the ground in an Alaska city I grasp for the straws of reality. A new leader a guy a really barely literate weird guy with strange hair named Dick Tater is running my country ... I think its my country. And worst of all? I cannot remember where that quartz vein was.

UFO's are real but I am not so sure about reality.
I took a few UFO reports in the Air Force. We actually had a checklist to fill out to get the information. Wished I'd saved a copy. Thinking back, I'm surprised we didn't get more crank calls.

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