What did you learn today? Part II


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Did I say this out loud? Machine learning ... moist useful for hackers one step below ________ I say no more
I dunno, it could help us reduce churn and troubleshoot wireless issues. Just not sure if we could save enough money to make up on the ROI in a year. On the plus side, it's the end of the year, and sales people are more eager to meet their quotas. On the down side, it's just software, so it's not like they have a bunch of extra cars on the lot...

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King Gorge announced to parliament on this day 1776 that the American people put out a document announcing there independence :) :)


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I learned I am glad I am not the only who hate current Primacolors pencils with passion since the company changed the formula. Will put them away in the closet. I am in love with Faber-Castell pencils now.