What are you thinking about? Part VIII


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Surprised your avatar didn't take- maybe too big?

As for deleting... most forums won't allow you to do that unfortunately. I used to tell people who wanted to delete their account- change the password to something you'll probably forget then delete the bookmark.

In really extreme cases I would think account deletion would be the way to go. Or merge with a new account (have had to do that...not fun).


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Thinking about maybe going boating today. Haven’t made up my mind on it yet. It’s still in the 70s. I could just bring a hoodie.


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I am thinking about enjoying the remainder of my vacation. Sucks Friday I have to go back to work for staff meeting , blah! :(


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I'm thinking about how much I hate other dogs taking a shit in my yard and the parent not picking it up.
Were you barefoot? (hee hee) Just kidding! :) But yes I know what that's like. I haven't run into that at all here at home, have in other places.