Wanting to be a mum.

I have just found out my hearing loss could be passed down the female side of my family.
Me and my sister both suffer from bad loss,
I am trying to become pregnant.
How soon will I be able to tell if my child has hearing loss?
This post might be way before baby is here but I would rather ask now and get myself prepared so I don't have worries or any unexpected surprises once I do conceive.


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They can confirm as soon as your child is born. It's the law here in Texas. If your child has hearing loss, they will tell you to go see audioglost and ENT.

If you're pregnant, you can play music. A child in a womb can respond by listening. I played it a lot when I was pregnant with my son. He moved a lot and kicked. He is obsessed with music now.


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Here in PA, your baby would have a hearing test before they leave the hospital. So you'd know very early on. However, if it's something that is genetic and progressive, you might want to look into getting a good ENT to have continued hearing exams after the beginning. At least then you'll know it's there and can start signing early.
I don't think the doctors are able to tell you the information when your child is not born yet. But best of luck it's not in the DNA.