vote for best cover art for Deaf book


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help me pick cover art for my book "You Are Deaf, Congratulations: The Deafhood Journey and Understanding Audism" poll is here


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I don't like the monkey part. I like the hand cover over the ear. Raising the fist up in the air is all right, kind of. I can not vote what I don't want to choose. Good luck with the book.


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Seems strange to compare the deaf to monkeys even if monkeys are deaf!

aside: real DEAF and have never "understood" that anyone suggested I was a "deaf monkey". Live in different worlds-presumably?


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I don't think it's meant to be offensive. It's probably a play on the See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Say No Evil image of the three monkeys:

Personally, of the choices, I like the black one with the yellow and monkeys standing on each other's shoulder with the one on top holding the fist in the air. That seems to be the most professional and eye-catching (for those who judge a book by a cover, tsk!)


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i did voted ....but now Ive given in more thoughts due to others responding as finding monkeys ar offensive?
now can i ask why?

but then

i can 'see' as it might not be taken seriously enough (apes on book covers)

but again i guess he's trying to lure Planet of the Apes fans lol (are you?)

that's not a very good plan.....young people

i agree with the others.....
my suggestion...

how about a 9 pictures in a 3x3 grid

then you brainstorm the 9 pictures....

1 _Old hearing aids....
2_old BTE hearing aids
3_....a cochlear implant ASL finger spell of "D"...
5_a british fingerspell of a "D"...
6_an eye.....a blackboard in a school.....
7_a photo or art picture of galludet university...
8_a REALLY old drawing picture of a jerome bruner's sign langauge collection...(a 1 letter sign or a number but an old picture to show sign language as been studied in the middle ages...
9_ and something you, you decide
9_maybe a question mark to go in the middle of the 3 x 3 as the '5' picture located right in the middle....

make it catchy
void of copy right issues (a big challenge at that, but you can do it)
i like the orange/black as book cover main colour scheme, thats catchy, keep that

maybe add a thin or think lines of contrasting purple (medium hue not too bright, and not dark purple as its confuses with blue or black)

orange and purple are lovely together

do the work, come back with the newer design and run in the voting again

good luck