Vibrating Alarm Clock

Does anyone know of a vibrating alarm clock that you can adjust the level of vibration? I hesitate buying one for that reason. I hear it feels like an earthquake. No, thanks...not interested. Right now, I use my phone, which is good enough for me, but it needs to be close enough for me to feel the alarm go off. It would be nice if it could be used for travel. I don't find this specific feature that you can adjust the level of vibration. I used the flashing light before, which was okay for some time, but I find I prefer my phone set to vibrate. It's low enough but effective in waking me up.
I don't see myself using a watch all the time. I wanted more like a small clock that you can have a lower vibration strength rather than a standard strength level as every one is different.
I use amazfit watch as my vibration clock, and it has other features like sleep monitor, heart rate monitor, steps count (pretty accurate for me) and few other things, I love it.

I use one too!

Love it, 3-to-4 week battery life, never bring my smartwatch charger on my trips!

I only wish the alarm was more persistent (more than 12 vibrates). I solve that in advance before bed by setting 10 alarms (every 3-to-5 minutes) if I have to catch an airplane flight. That gives me 120 vibrates, more than enough to pour a cold bucket of water on my head.

But it costs less than some deaf alarm clocks, AND yet it is a full smartwatch kinda like the Apple watch, except simpler (only the basics). I love getting my text messages on my watch screen too, quite useful. Even the Google Maps Directions on my phone automatically sends those "Turn Left at Main Street" notifications to my watch screen (of my arm holding steering wheel), so I never have to touch or look at my phone during driving.

Not bad for a cheap $70 smartwatch!
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