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I am hearing. I want to be a Vet Tech. I am learning ASL to better serve our deaf and hard of hearing clients. Has anyone had any experience with a veterinary clinic with a staff member that had some ASL training? How was it? How can I improve on it? How much do I have to learn? Or what would you like to have in an employee in a veterinary hospital that has some ASL training? I purchased Learn and Master set of DVDs. I have also spent a considerable amount of time on Dr. Vicars' videos. Also I was a veterinarian for 20 yr until frontal lobe problems of my brain made it impossible to verbally communicate properly with clients. So I retired an will step back. Any input will be appreciated. I might be able to help with any Veterinary questions. I hope I haven’t offended anyone, but I cannot drive and in a small town. So reaching out to anyone in the deaf community for help isn’t possible at this time.
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In all honesty it more of being a service rather on how much you are able to do. At least what I heard and seen we will typically be more than willing to do the rest to get communication across.

It's just when service providers or retailers that becomes "irritated" at us or who we are that drive us away those places (or at least those people who works at such a place).

If you got that well understood then you already got yourself on the right tracks. As for the AMOUNT of knowledge that really depends on what sort of clients your expecting. If you are indeed going after the deaf population and so forth you will likely going to want to learn quite a bit before you even open up shop.

Otherwise if it just a place where it will be "friendly" to such and not strictly marketed to such population just being aware of the common knowledge, good service practices and so forth will probably suffice. the remainder can easily be added as you learn along the way.

I hope this at least gives you an idea of what you MAY has to do.