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I went to one US Cellular place. They told me $60/month for 5 GB of internet use and unlimited texts. Does that sound correct??


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Keep in mind, Virgin Mobile uses Sprint Network. They have the slowest average network speeds.



The new company just started the special smart phone two months ago.......They have unlimited everything...text,email, webs, voice and etc for $19 per monthly service flat. I am not allow to post this detail here from the AllDeaf forum. (AllDeaf had been warned me before ...that's why I can't.)



$60 sounds reasonable, all things considered.

Compared to other plans on the US cellular website, that's a fair price.

As others have mentioned there are cheaper plans but the most important thing is a plan that will work where you live.

I can't get US Cellular where I am, but I can get Virgin mobile. I pay just $25 a month (it's now $35, I was grandfathered in), I get pretty good 3G speeds for data where I live. I'm very happy with my Optimums V. Cost me about $200, but now it's available for under $140.
(You also get 300 voice mins)

I'd highly recommend it IF you have good coverage in your area.

If you have LTE coverage with US cellular where you live this is the best deal I think you'll find, not the cheapest, but the best overall, IF you choose a LTE compatible phone.

Another option you may want to consider is T-mobile. They have a fairly new non-contract/pre-pay plan that is $30.
100 voice min.
Unlimited text
"unlimited data" (first 5GB up to 4G speed, after that throttled way way down)

Aparently it's a "walmart exclusive" but I've also seen it on their website. Any T-mobile phone will work, I've seen the Sidekick 4G (refurbished) online for around $200.
If something were to happen to my current phone, that's what I'd switch to. There is HSPA+ coverage for T-mobile where I live.

If you don't care about speeds, you can go with a MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) Like Simple Mobile, TracPhone/Net10/StraitTalk, etc.

In the case of Tracphone/Net10/StraitTalk your phone choices are very limited, the only android phones run on sprint just like Virgin mobile. But they charge only $45-$50 a month for unlimited everything.

In the case of Simple Mobile, and Walmart Family mobile ("WFM"), They are both MVNOs on T-mobile. Simple mobile has a plan for $60 Unlimited everything and allows 4G where available/compatible. WFM offers "unlimited everything" for $45 for the 1st line and $35 each line after that. The data only goes to 3g and they throttle you down after only a few hundred megabytes

Here's something important to consider that I learned when I switched from T-mobile contract to Virgin mobile:

Pre-pay plans do not allow 3rd party voicemail. You can only use the voice mail system they provide.
Why does this matter? let me give you an example: When I was on T-mobile, I could use Google Voice for my voicemail, and messages were transcribed for me. I could have also used one of the many other voice mail transcription services out there, (but I'm cheap ;) ). They all operate by working in place of your default voice-mail system.

One last thing I'd check on is whether or not your phone number from US Cellular can receive calls. Some "TAP" plans for the deaf provide a recording to the caller if they dial your number, which says the line does not take voice calls. This will confuse the heck out of a hearing person, and could cost you a job interview or something.

"TLDR" edition: Yep, that US cellular plan is probably best. (for you)

*Disclaimer, I work at a wal-mart, in electronics, but I'm always covering in connection center.. (yes I'm a deaf cell phone salesman :) )
*Disclamer to disclaimer: I hate wal-mart so much I hope they all burn down, never shop there unless you have no other choice.


The smart phone ....unlimited everything included email, IM, internet and etc for only $19 per monthly service(data plan) flat. If you are interesting in...

I am not allow to post a name of the company on the AllDeaf forum. You can email me via private. I will give you website address.....

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To Deafbear,

If you're talking about Republic Wireless, that service is a steaming pile of crap.

They are a MVNO of Sprint, so it will only work on sprint.

Want to know how they can give you unlimited for so cheap? It's easy they customized the firmware in the phone to always use Wifi for both calls and data if wifi is available. You're supplying your own connection to the internet the majority of the time.

You'd be better off getting an iPod touch.

In my previous post I mentioned Virgin, and T-mobile which both have excellent plans for under $40, no weird strings attached.

I'm glad that AllDeaf has forbidden you from advertising for the service.

EDIT: I just went to their website to see if their still in Beta. HA! not only are they still in Beta, but all the seats are full! you can't be a customer if you wanted to.