Update on my Dad


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Hi guys

Just to let you know that my Dad has been a real fighter but now is starting to lose the battle as he has now totally lost his visions and is very beddridden also losing some functions of his organs especially his bladders and his heart is starting to take it toll on him. He will eventually go down very fast than expected.

I have been flying home alot to see him and have noticed many changes in him and it hasnt been good but I will always cherish the memory of when i saw him laughing and smiling despite he was really ill but now that laughter has gone and i dreaded that the last visit will be his funeral.

I have recovered from my run down illness as my family came up to help support me during my rough time that i had couple of weeks ago at work and with the worriness of my dad really took a huge toll on me. Im thanksful that my family came up and spent my vacation break with me away from everything.

Im still dreading of returning back to work on Monday cos things are still in the air. Hopefully it will sorted it self out in no time as i dont need the extra burden from them.

Two week ago lost two dear friends and found the last funeral too much for me cos i knew that my own will come soon.

I will pop in now and then but need to look after number one that is myself to keep my energy up for when the day comes.

Thanks everyone.


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Aw I'm really sorry to hear about your dad :( and also losing two of your dear friends..It's looks like you're going through so much , hang in there, and I'll be sure to keep you and your family in my prayers as well for your father too...


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Oh dang Sasha... I do hope ya will be okay in the days to come.. and I am really sorry to hear your dad will soon pass onto enternal rest..I am sure ya have treasured your memories of your dad... do take care and ya will need the strength in the days ahead to come....


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Sasha, I am sorry to hear about your dad :hug: Do take all the time need to be with your family. I know its difficult losing a loved one and remembering those special moments you shared with laughter. I know you will keep him close to your heart. I will pray for you.


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I'm truly sorry to hear about the latest news about your dad, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers through this difficult time. When he pass on, hopefully he will go in peace and rest comfortably :hug:


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Golly Sasha,
Life surely throws us some difficult times - *hugs* to you girl. I do hope that you continue to recover yourself and to be able to draw on the strength of your family members, close friends and online family as well.

I do hope that your father is as comfortable as he can be for his days ahead. My thoughts go out to you and your loved ones Sasha.



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I am very sorry to hear about your dad, as well as everything else that you are going through at this difficult time. Stick close to those that love and support you.:hug:


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Sorry heard abt ur dad and pls hang in there and i know that God will wait for ur dad go home with them :) Ur not only i been thur before since last 2 month ago when my godfather larry's passed on recently


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Am sorry to know about your dad..my thoughts and prayers will be with him, you and immediate family. Please do take good care and hang in there!



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Sasha, I'm sorry about your dad and also your friends. Please be strong and look after yourself too. Hang in there. :hug:


Im so sorry to hear about your dad, Sasha...You and your
family are in my thoughts and prayers! also sad to hear
about your friends too...that is just devastating too, i know,
but at least they are in a better place. Please take care
of yourself so you dont get sick, hun!
Hang in there!! Hugs to you!!
God bless!


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I'm very sorry about your dad's situation. :(

I'm praying for your family. :hug:


Prayers for my dad.
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Aww I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. Stay strong and think for the best postive outcome for him. ;)


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Aww, I am sorry to read about everything that has been happening with u. Pls hang in there and my thoughts are with u.