Unique ASL Gifts


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Hey guys. New to forum. I've been speaking ASL for 10 years now, ever since my first daughter was diagnosed as having a bilateral sensineural hearing loss and being profoundly deaf. She was implanted at age 3, and we've honestly never been big fans of the cochlear implant. It's great for the people it works for, but as for us, we're tired of trying to encourage our deaf daughter to be a part of the hearing world. We've rather taken the stance of submerging ourselves and our family in as much ASL culture as we can, and we do not actually wear the cochlear implant anymore. We gave it a fair 5 years with no progress.

I am posting today to share my shop link with y'all, a little project that began to provide my daughter with gear that was ASL-oriented and really made her feel special. To this day, her favorite item has been a limited edition "Girls Rock!" t-shirt, depicting a little blond girl with a pink implant that was actually drawn to be my daughter.

I'm always adding new things to my shop, and I am always open for names suggestions for the name shoppe, where you can buy gifts with names fingerspelled in ASL across them! Feel free to drop me a line any time with suggestions for the shop!

Thanks for your time, and let me know what you think! :)