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what's your views about twinflames, it's supposed to be 'the one' and often it's said they are your mirror self and you have to be prepared as it's intense as they will motivate you to be your best version of yourself and they are almost like your therapist in a way but the connection is so strong it's hard to part from them. i think if times are tough and your not in alignment with your true self that's where it's said the other flame will runaway so it seems it's challenging to stay together, maybe that's just fear based talk though. care to share your views here about twinflame, it's slightly different than soul mates that will come and go as they say.

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Sounds like Babel to me, you commit then honor your commitment, for better or worse in sickness and health for richer or poorer till death do you part, so before you commit make sure your up for the task as well as the other, if your both not committed work not, opposites attract for a reason:cuddle::fart::hug:;)


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I feel that people need to completely know themselves and be happy with their career choices first before looking for the right person. Soulmates often meet each other through mutual interests.