TTY and macs


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Is it possible turn my macbook pro laptop into a TTY? Or my Windows desktop (if I ever hook it back up and figure out if the HDD is really dying or if it's salvageable).

Just wondering as I want to call a specific office but don't want to do voice or through VRS for security reasons; they have a TTY number. I do have a TTY and a compact TTY but both are in "storage" in this house somewhere and are not too compatible with today's cordless phones and cellphones. I don't know if there are TTY apps or not and am not sure how well vision wise I'd see a TTY app on my phone either.



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My iPhone’s phone has a built-in tty app. So when I need to “call” somebody, it gives me the option to call or use tty. I am pretty sure you’ve said you have an Android, so I’m not sure if your phone app has the same feature? Here is a snapshot - I blacked out the contact info but you can see the options. :) I know this doesn’t solve your computer-to-tty question.



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Yeah- I was passively looking at options for tty on android.. or borrow my niece's iPhone lol. I may look harder for that in the meantime til I can find a good solution for laptop/desktop.

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You may want to look for what you have in storage. Most cell phones have a setting where you can connect a Compact TTY (if a late enough model to work with a digital cell phone) through the headphone jack. And, of course, a full size TTY can be connected to your landline with no need to use the phone you use for voice.
Deaf Ducky,
installing the ACCESS Home software on your PC will give you TTY capabilities, as well as TRS, VCO, and HCO. Its 95 cents a month to subscribe to it and you can go month to month on your subscription, so if you need it for just a few calls, its 95 cents, then you can cancel your subscription.


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