Trust Purple / Z VRS?

Do you trust Purple/Z VRS? please check

When I completed the application to get the package, they called me about offer new ipad, mac pro, ring bell, flash for lamp and p70 but they tricked me that they forced me to close my sorenson account. I told them that I couldn't close my sorenson account so they quick hung me. wow! :shock:

it happened to you or anyone?


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I have ZVRS. Both or rather ALL of them- try to convince you to port over whatever number you have. I've had both Sorenson and ZVRS do that. Usually that is the only way you can get the equipment that you want like the P70 or Z70. I think it's the only way to get the new i whatever it is now. I'm waiting for them to release that to existing members- might be able to trade in my Z70.

Anyway- I've never had big issues with ZVRS. Interestingly I recently had the experience of working with both a ZVRS interpreter and a Purple interpreter in the same call (I started with Z, somehow lost my connection - might have been my wifi.., then reconnected to the same call with a P terp). I REALLY noticed the difference. Z I could see better...closer, P the interpreter was sitting too far back for my taste.

I am debating on trying out Sorenson or Convo again. Sorenson I did not have a good experience with a couple of interpreters (and was unable to hear any voice mails- with Z I can hear AND see the ASL voice mail), Convo originally their PC interface wasn't to my liking-- too small and no dark theme. I've heard differently now.

The whole VRS scheme is about as bad as the whole mobile phone scenario... can't decide, competing between the three big ones (now that P and Z are one)....would do (and at one time I did when i first tried them all out) all of them... but having 5 billion phone numbers is a PITA.