Tried My Hand At A Quick Poem


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Hearing loss and tinnitus
Its raining outside
I can see the drops splashing against the window
But its not the old rain that I listened to as I curled up in bed
and drifted off to sleep
Its silent rain.
And from memory I know that there is a large barn owl
out there perched on a gate post
scanning the long grass
for the tell tale movement of a late night snack.
But, like the rain, the owl has has also fallen silent.
And in their stead is not silence in my head
But high pitched whistles, spinning, metal churning
Roaring, and hissing
Sounds that do not exist in the real world.
But I can also hear a clock ticking
And Its not just in my head, its there in the corner of the room
Others can hear it loud and clear
Though for me its much softer than it once was
Its softer than it was last week
Softer even than it was yesterday.
And I hope that it will not, like the rain and the owl through the window, also fall silent.
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