trans queer hearing student looking for signing buddy


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Hello C: My name's Nick and I'm a college student in NJ. I'm looking for people to sign with over skype. I'm currently taking an ASL course in school, but don't get many opprotunities to communicate in ASL. I'd love to talk to anybody, regardless of gender, orientation, age, or fluency. I've taken ASL I and II in high school, though it was more "pidgeon signing" from what I understand. I'm certainly not fluent, and would really like to practice and maybe make some friends. feel free to add me on skype! just let me know who you are. my username is octosaur.

Quick note on the use of the word 'queer': I myself use it along the lines of "colloquially gay--" it's a slur that I (and many other LGBTQ people) have reclaimed to identify ourselves. However, I understand it's not for everyone. I just want everyone to understand that I'm not using it in a negative way. I identify myself as queer, but that doesn't mean anyone else who is LGBTQ etc. needs to. Hope y'all undestand. :ty:
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