"To be" and linking verbs for ASL users

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    I am working on a project to create supplementary materials for deaf english students at my college. The college offers developmental reading and writing classes for students who aren't at the level of high school graduates. Deaf students who are placed in these classes end up with an otherwise hearing class and typically struggle. Our technical writing class is putting together some resources specifically for these students to help them learn and practice the grammar and vocabulary that would normally be taken for granted by the english instructors in these classes.

    The area I am focusing on is the 'to be' verbs and linking verbs. I am also not a user of ASL, though I plan to learn as I go through the project.

    My question is (questions are): Where could I find resources that are meant to explain linking verbs, why they are necessary, and how they are used to deaf students? If such a thing doesn't exist (I seem to only find things meant for hearing students), how would I go about doing this? Would it even be helpful to have these resources meant for deaf students, or should they use the same things as hearing students?

    Thank you!

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