'The Unusuals'...please watch.


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I'm not usually the type to act the cheerleader and go all gung-ho for a tv show but come of late it seems that tv shows that i love at first sight have the nasty habit of getting the axe ('New Amsterdam', 'Life on Mars'). 'The Unusuals' viewership numbers are dismal and there's talk of cancellation after just one episode. :doh: Instead of sitting on my butt and moping about it, i'm trying to be proactive with it. So here I am to spread the Unusuals gospel. This will be my one and only plea. You are all persons of free will so you will either: A) tune in and give it a try or: B) ignore me.

Thanks for tolerating my rant.:wave:

The Unusuals - Home - ABC.com

fyi: not sure if it's cc'd. my apologies, in advance.

@ the mods: this is not :spam:. I repeat: this is not :spam:



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It is CC of course. I am a fan of Amber Tamblyn. So I am sorry to find out it may be cancelled. I watched the premiere and enjoyed it.


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Hmm... a detective show.

I'll have to check that out sometimes. :)
It's actually quite good. Usually police procedurals bore me but I find this show and it's quirky characters (detective DeLahoy and Eddie Alvarez) highly entertaining. It's had alot of naysayers but I think people are just too quick to write off a show simply because they don't get it. Check it out, you might just like it. ;)