The real History of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden!

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    The Real Truth of how humanity began!
    I intended to answer this question on another thread about Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden which I believe was just 12,000 years ago, but Humanity existed wayyyyyyyyyy before that and was originally started in Africa.
    (The truth is known but hidden in the Churches)

    So I'll start a new thread and want to back this all up with evidence by posting my Source and the pdf article where you can review and read the evidence yourself. It is extremely long and you really do need to re-read it a few times. For anybody who would be new to reading this different material you would definately not believe it because it does take years to accept but the evidence I have posted below which is quite true out of the article.

    And apologies for this being so long, but I'am sure many of you will enjoy reviewing this thread and in time will come to your own conclusions.

    The article is 569 pages long, I only have read up to 250 and posted bits up to page 69. It's VERY long!!! And it did take me many years to accept this, but again there's always bits and pieces you must accept and others you must sway on and I wouldn't say I completely believe 100% of this, but the story does bring out many truths from history:

    For the pdf. book go to:

    Our Sun is only one of some 100 billion stars in this galaxy alone. Sir Francis Crick, the Nobel laureate, says there are an estimated 100 billion galaxies in our universe and he believes there are at least one million planets in our galaxy that could support life as we know it. Think of what the figure might be for the entire universe, even before we start looking at other dimensionsof existence beyond the frequency range of our physical senses.

    Genesis and Exodus were written by the Hebrew priestly class, the Levites, after they were taken to Babylon from around 586 BC. Babylon was in the former lands of Sumer and so the Babylonians, and therefore the Levites, knew the Sumerian stories and accounts.

    It was from these records overwhelmingly, that the Levites compiled Genesis and Exodus. The source is obvious. The Sumerian tablets speak of E.DIN (The Abode of the Righteous Ones). This connects with the Sumerian name for their gods, DIN.GIR (the Righteous Ones of the Rockets). So the Sumerians spoke of Edin and Genesis speaks of the Garden of Eden.

    The Old Testament is a classic example of the religious recycling which has spawned all the religions. So when you are looking for the original meaning of Genesis and the story of Adam you have to go back to the Sumerian accounts to see how the story has been doctored.

    The human egg for the creation of the Lulu/Adam came from a female in Abzu, Africa, according to the Sumerians, and modern fossil finds and anthropological research suggests that homo sapiens did indeed come out of Africa.

    In the 1980s, Douglas Wallace of Emory University in Georgia compared the DNA (the blueprint for physical life) of 800 women and concluded that it came from a single female ancestor.

    Wesley Brown of the University of Michigan said, after examining the DNA of 21 women of different genetic backgrounds from around the world, that they all originated from a single source who had lived in Africa between 180,000 and 300,000 years ago.

    Rebecca Cann of the University of California at Berkeley did the same with 147 women of diverse racial and geographical backgrounds and she said their common genetic inheritance came from a single ancestor between 150,000 and 300,000 years ago.

    The Sumerian Tablets and later Akkadian stories give the names and hierarchy of the Anunnaki. They call the ‘Father’ of the gods, AN, a word that means heaven. Our Father who art in heaven? AN, or Anu to the Akkadians, stayed mostly in heaven with his wife, Antu, and he made only rare visits to the planet they called E.RI.DU (Home in the faraway built), a word which evolved into Earth. Or at least that is the Zecharia Sitchin translation. The descriptions could also imply that Anu stayed mostly in the high mountains of the Near East where the ‘Garden of Eden’, the place of the gods, is reckoned on good evidence to have been, and he made only rare visits to the plains of Sumer.

    A Sumerian city was called Eridu. Anu sent two sons to develop and rule the Earth, the Tablets say. They were Enki, the guy they say created homo sapiens, and his half-brother Enlil. These two would later become great rivals for ultimate control of the planet. Enki, the first born of Anu, was subordinate to Enlil because of the Anunnaki’s obsession with genetic purity. Enlil’s
    mother was the half sister to Anu and this union passed on the male genes more efficiently than Enki’s birth via another mother. Later the Tablets describe how the Anunnaki created bloodlines to rule humanity on their behalf and these, I suggest, are the families still in control of the world to this day. The Sumerian Tablets describe how kingship was granted to humanity by the Anunnaki and it was originally known as Anuship after An or Anu, the ruler of the ‘gods’. The Brotherhood families are obsessed with bloodlines and genetic inheritance and they interbreed without regard for love.

    The royal families (family!) and aristocracy of Europe and the so-called Eastern Establishment families in the United States are obvious examples of this. They are of the same tribe and genetically related. This is why the Brotherhood families have always been obsessed with interbreeding, just as the Sumerian Tablets describe the Anunnaki.

    A white race, known as the Phoenicians and other names, was certainly the ‘brains’ behind the Egyptian civilisation, at least from the period around 3,000 BC, and the Giza Plateau, where the Great Pyramid was built, was formerly known as El-Kahira, a name which derived from the Arabic noun, El-Kahir, their name for... Mars.33 Ancient texts reveal that the measurement of time was much related to Mars, and March 15th, the Ides of March (Mars), was a key date in their Mars-related calendar, as was October 26th. The first marked the start of Spring and the second was the end of the year in the Celtic calendar. The Holy Grail stories of King Arthur connect with this theme, also. Camelot apparently jneans Martian City or City of Mars.

    These hybrid bloodlines became the British and European aristocracy and royal families and, thanks to the ‘Great’ British Empire, they were exported across the world to rule the Americas, Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and so on. These genetic lines are manipulated into the positions of political, military, media, banking and business power and thus these positions are held by lower fourth dimensional reptilians hiding behind a human form or by mindpuppets of the these same creatures. They operate through all races, but predominantly the white one. As is well acknowledged, there is an area of the human brain to this day known as the reptile brain. Within the brain is the original segment to which all other parts are additions. And, according to the neuroanatomist, Paul MacLean, this ancient area of the brain is driven by another prehistoric segment which some neuroanatomists call the Rcomplex. 22 R is short for reptilian because we share this with reptiles.

    Sons of the gods
    The reptilian breeding programme appears to have produced an Anunnaki-human hybrid (Adam?) around 200,000-300,000 years ago. There were already reptile-Aryan bloodlines among the Martians when they came to Earth. One of the main locations for the Anunnaki and the Martians or Aryans, particularly during and after the Venus cataclysm of around 4,800 BC, were the mountains of Turkey, Iran and Kurdistan, and it was from here that they and their hybrids re-emerged when the waters receded. It was they who created the ‘instant’ advanced civilisations in the low lands of Sumer, Egypt, Babylon and the Indus Valley. A particular centre for the Anunnaki reptilians would seem to have been the Caucasus Mountains and this is an area that will appear again and again in this story. I feel there was a major breeding programme in this region, probably underground, which produced a very large number of hybrid reptile-human crossbreeds. One area of research that is highly relevant to this region are the number of people with Rh negative or rhesus negative blood. Often rhesus negative babies turn blue immediately after birth. This is the origin of the term ‘blue bloods’ for royal bloodlines and other terms like ‘true blue’. It is speculated that the ‘blue’ bloodlines could be of Martian decent and from wherever the Martian bloodlines came from before that. Far more white people are Rh negative than blacks or Asians.

    Page 39………

    The Anunnaki-human crossbreed elite was described by the
    Sumerians and there are many other accounts of the interbreeding of extraterrestrials and humans, or the ‘gods’ and ‘sky people’ interbreeding with humanity.

    This is most famously noted in Genesis where it says:
    “When men began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose... The Nefilim were on the earth in those days -and also afterwards - when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them.
    They were the heroes of old, men of renown.”
    Genesis 6:1-4

    The early offspring of these genetic encounters were the giants of legend and there are many records of such hybrids being born. The Hopi, you will recall, speak of originating within the Earth. The Ethiopian text, the Kebra Nagast (Nagas were Indian shape-shifting ‘serpent gods’), is thousands of years old, and it refers to the enormous size of the babies produced from the sexual or genetic unions of humans and the ‘gods’. It tells how: “...the daughters of Cain with whom the angels (extraterres-trials) had conceived... were unable to bring forth their children, and they died.” It describes how some of these giant babies were delivered by caesarean section: .... having split open the bellies of their mothers they came forth by their navels.”

    Over the thousands of years since these royal reptile-human hybrid bloodlines were created, they have become more integrated into the general populafion and less physically obvious, but the basic genetic structure remains and the Brotherhood maintains very detailed genetic records of who has it
    and who doesn’t. Christian and Barbara O’Brien say in Genius Of The Few that if the Annunaki had interbred with humanity hundreds of thousands of years ago and then interbred with them again about 30,000 years ago, the result of the second interbreeding would be a genetic structure that was 75% Anunnaki and 25% human. I think there was another breeding programme far more recently, after the Venus flood of about 7,000 years ago. These later bloodlines would have been even more Anunnaki than previous versions, of course. These are the reptilian crossbreeds who run the world today and it this profusion of reptilian genes which allows such people to shape-shift into reptilians and back into an apparently human form. These bloodlines also have the ability to produce an extremely powerful hypnotic stare, just like a snake hypnotising its prey, and this is the origin of the term ‘giving someone the evil eye’. All this is the real reason for the obsession with blood and the interbreeding of the ‘blue blood’ families and their offshoots. This is why since the earliest times of known history, the blue blood heirs married their half-sisters and cousins, just as the Anunnaki did according to the Sumerian Tablets. The most important gene in this succession is passed on by the female line, so the choice of female sexual partner has been vital to them.

    It is highly significant that the ‘serpent king’ bloodline should originate from Iran because it is from this region of Iran, Kurdistan, Armenia, Turkey and the Caucasus Mountains, that these reptile-human bloodlines emerged to take over the world. A Brotherhood insider, a Russian, said there was a massive vortex, an interdimensional gateway, in the Caucasus Mountains where the extraterrestrials entered this dimension. That would explain a great deal. The name Iran comes from the earlier Airy-ana or Airan, which means Land of the Aryas or Aryans.52 Still today there are two distinct races in Kurdistan, the olive skinned of medium height with dark eyes, and the much taller,
    white skinned people, often with blue eyes. You will note that these traits were considered the ‘Master Race’ by the Nazis and this was because the Nazis knew the history and the connection with the reptilians. Andrew Collins in his book, From The Ashes Of Angels, presents compelling evidence that the biblical Garden of Eden was high up in this region of Iran-Kurdistan and, of course, the theme of the serpent is at the heart of the Eden story. In neighbour-mg Media, the kings were known by the Iranians as Mâr which means snake in Persian.

    As the flood waters receded after the Venus cataclysm the survivors came down from the mountains and up from within the Earth. They settled on the lowlands and plains and began to rebuild. This was when Sumer, Egypt and the civilisation in the Indus Valley suddenly appeared at a very high level of tech ological advancement, although they had existed before and were now restored after the upheavals. The Sumerian society began at the peak of its development because of this sudden infusion of knowledge and the white Aryan race, originally from Mars, expanded out from the Caucasus Mountains and the Near East down into Sumer, Egypt and the Indus Valley where, as even conventional history agrees, highly advanced societies
    spontaneously emerged. However within this white race, and others also, was a genetic stream I will call reptile-Aryan or reptile-human. Whenever I use the term Aryan I am referring to the white race. These were the crossbreed bloodlines created from the genetic manipulation of the Anunnaki. The major centre for the reptile-Aryan bloodlines, in the ancient world after the flood waters receded, was Babylon in the south of the Sumer region alongside the River Euphrates. A closer look at the evidence appears to date the foundation of Babylon far earlier than previously believed and it was one of the first cities of the post-flood era. It was here that the mystery schools and secret societies were formed which were to span the globe in the thousands of years that followed. The Brotherhood which controls the world today is the modern expression of the Babylonian Brotherhood of reptile-Aryan priests and ‘royalty’ which came together there after the flood. It was in Babylon in this post-flood period from around 6,000 years ago that the foundation beliefs - manipulated beliefs - of today’s world religions
    were established to control and rule the people. The founder of Babylon according to ancient texts legend was Nimrod who reigned with his wife, Queen Semiramis. Nimrod was described as a ‘mighty tyrant’ and one of the ‘giants’.

    The Arabs believed that after the flood it was Nimrod who built or
    rebuilt the amazing structure at Baalbek in the Lebanon with its three stones weighing 800 tons each. It was said that he ruled the region that is now Lebanon and, according to Genesis, the first centres of Nimrod’s kingdom were Babylon, Akkad and others in the land of Shinar (Sumer). Later he expanded further into Assyria to build cities like Nineveh where many of the Sumerian Tablets were found.
    Chapter Three, page 50

    But this mountainous region around the Caucasus and down to the plains of
    Sumer and Egypt is a key to the true history of humankind over the last seven thousand years.

    The Caucasus Mountains came up again and again in my research and how appropriate that in North America white people are known as ‘Caucasian’. Even according to official history it was a white ‘Aryan’ race from the Caucasus Mountains region which moved into the Indus Valley of India about 1550 BC and created what is today known as the Hindu religion.

    It was this same Aryan race (they called themselves ‘Arya’) which introduced the ancient Sanskrit language to India and the stories and myths contained in the Hindu holy books, the Vedas. L. A. Waddell, in his outstanding research into this Aryan race, established that the father of the first historical Aryan king of India (recorded in the Maha-Barata epic and Indian Buddhist history) was the last historical king of the Hittites in Asia Minor. The Indian Aryans worshipped the Sun as the Father-god Indra, and the Hittite-Phoenicians called their Father-god Bel by the name, Indara.

    Under many names this same Aryan people also settled in Sumer, Babylon, Egypt and Asia Minor, now Turkey, and other Near Eastern countries, taking with them the same stories, myths, and religion.

    This Aryan expansion began as far back as 3,000 BC, probably earlier, with their seafaring branch, the Phoenicians. They were a technologically advanced people who have been marginalised by official history and this has obscured their true identity. They are fundamental to understanding where we have come from and where we are now. It was they who brought both their genetic lines and their knowledge to Europe, Scandinavia and the Americas, thousands of years BC. Their story is told by L. A. Waddell in his book, The Phoenician Origin Of Britons, Scots And Anglo-Saxons. Waddell was a fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute and spent a lifetime researching the evidence. He shows that the Phoenicians were not a Semitic race as previously believed, but a white Aryan race. Examination of Phoenician tombs reveals that they were a long-headed Aryan race and of a totally different racial type to the Semites. The Phoenicians of the ancient world travelled by sea from their bases in Asia Minor, Syria and Egypt to settle in the islands of the Mediterranean like Crete and Cyprus and also Greece and Italy. It was the Phoenicians who carried the knowledge which later emerged as the civilisations of Minoan Crete, classic Greece and Roman Italy.
    (Page 62)

    The Phoenicians were not confined to the Mediterranean and the Middle East. They landed in Britain around 3,000 BC and unmistakable Phoenician artefacts have been found in Brazil, as well as possible Egyptian remains in the Grand Canyon in America. The Phoenicians landed in the Americas thousands of years before the manufactured ‘photo opportunity’ better known as the journey of Christopher Columbus. The reason that the native legends of the Americas speak of tall ‘white gods’ coming from the sea bringing advanced knowledge is because that is precisely what happened, if you forget the gods bit. They were the Aryan race and the reptile-Aryans from the east landing in the Americas thousands of years ago, the same Aryan race or ‘gods’ who the Sumerians said gifted them their civilisation after the flood.
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    I read part of that book before. It's an interesting book. :)
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    Yeah Dannie! I know You know of Zecharia Sitchin? I believe GOD is something to us. I read alittle about Sumerian and Akkadian. I think Akkadian is robot. I am not sure. I will read it again. I have two books with me. I love them.
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