The name game.... for tools


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Alrighty peeps, I am making labels for my new tool chest and I am looking for off color names for the drawers. I have 2 named already ( screwdriver drawer is labeled Hand Stabbers aka Prison Shanks ) and the ( wrench/Pliar drawer is labeled Knuckle busters and Blister Makers ) so throw out all the tool names you know of and I will pick what I like.... I'm just at a loss and the web search isn't helping any tonight.IMG_6408.JPGIMG_6409.JPG


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Pliers: Purple nurple applicators
Wrenches: Nut Revolver
Hammer: The shit squashers (or slammers)
Tape measure: The distance deriver

From the guys I'm with atm


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So far this week, Ive downsized a lot of my crap so its less to move. I eliminated 5 or 6 cardboard boxes and consolidated everything into plastic tubs and that freed up a lot of space. As far as the tools its the same, since this tool box is huge I was able to downsize as well, so I saved my large cabinet and added a shelf inside and consolidated everything from 2 other cabinets into it, just amazing the room you can free up when you organize things. I figured now is the time ( put off for so long ) since I sold my last house and moved to my parents at such quick notice everything was just thrown together, now that I'm in the market to buy again I wanted to make it a simple move with less crap to deal with when the time comes. And with the 2 old cabinets gone that's more room and less to move. So, now I can relax a bit and play around with the drawer names and make labels.... still need ideas for razor knives, sockets, saws, specialty tools like spanners/pullers/snap ring/ball joint crap...ect... which will be in a single drawer for auto work, then another single drawer for all the gadgets like code readers, tests lights...ect... so all the names may get used since there are some variables to certain drawers....